Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Barra Fishing

Hello everyone,
This is all a learning curve for me for today.I have already written this once before and lost it all before I got it posted!!!!
I have been up in Darwin for a few weeks visiting Anj.We had a great time enjoying the warm weather,went swimming with her and had some nice picnics as well as some serious shopping.
I also managed to catch a nice Barra on the Daly River.It was 74cm long so I hope you are all impressed.Beginners luck they tell me.Anj has just enrolled to go to university to study pharmacy so she is hoping she will be excepted and is very excited about it.
Now that I am home in the colder weather again I have been busy knitting some nice warm socks.I am now stocking the Heirloom sock wool in plains,stripes & variagated wool.I also have a great childrens jumper pattern knitted in this wool. I have also ordered some Debbie Bliss knitting books as well as some Wool/cotton yarn.
I have been also busy making a great xmas table runner which I will attempt to put up some pictures of when I work out how to do it.Maybe today,maybe tomorrow,maybe next week!!!
Lessa Siegele will be teaching at the shop on Oct 22nd & 23rd.For those of you who have never done a class with Lessa you are truly missing something as she is a great teacher and a wonderful caring and sharing person.
Will sign off and hopefully get this to work this time.Cheers Cheryl

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