Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hatherleigh Eagles

Well not much sewing has been happening this week as it has been a week of celebrations.Congratulations to our local footy team Hatherleigh as they won the A & G grade footy grandfinals on the weekend as well as the B & Under 13 netball.Four out of four not bad.What an exciting weekend. Son Matt played in the B grade final and is pictured above with his medal and the team.It is 22 years since the B grade have won a Grandfinal so they will be celebrating for awhile.I'm so proud of them.Until next week when I will be back to sewing again.
We are really short of numbers for the Lessa Siegele class and may have to cancel so if anyone is still interested in that class please let me know.Cheers Cheryl

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